Three ski resorts linked together with endless opportunities for snow fun!

Today’s Information

Today's Information

■YUZAWA SNOWLINK information

The operation of the connecting ropeway, connecting lift, and free shuttle bus for the 23/24 season has ended on March 24, 2024 (Sunday).
Thank you very much for using our service this season.

The business periods for each ski resort are scheduled as follows.
Please check each ski resort’s website for details.
・Yuzawa Kogen Ski Resort ・Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort
Until Sunday, April 7, 2024

・GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort
May 6, 2024 (Holiday/Monday)

2024/03/25 07:00

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YUZAWA SNOW LINK offering one of the largest ski areas in the Kanto region of Japan!
48 courses enjoyable by everyone from beginner to advanced.

With the YUZAWA SNOW LINK ticket, you can travel freely among three popular ski resorts in the Yuzawa area of Niigata: Yuzawa Kogen, GALA Yuzawa, and Ishiuchi Maruyama. The appeal lies in being able to enjoy the wide range of 48 courses more dynamically and conveniently.
You can ski on the extensive slopes using the connecting ropeway and lift that link the upper ski areas. In addition, at the bottom of the mountains, the shuttle bus operates between Echigo-Yuzawa Station and each ski resort to get around. Experience a new style of snow resort that combines the different ways of enjoying snow country: skiing, snowboarding, and sightseeing of the snowy mountains.


Less than 2 hours’
distance from the Tokyo area!

Take the bullet train to GALA Yuzawa Station or Echigo-Yuzawa Station, or if coming by car, park at Ishiuchi Maruyama’s large parking lot very near the interchange. Each ski resort is linked by the shuttle bus, ropeway, and lift, so traveling between them is easy as well.


Spend the night at Echigo Yuzawa Onsen (hot springs)!

After having a blast in the ski resort, why not stay and chill out in the hot springs town of Echigo Yuzawa, which is bursting with history and atmosphere? Just one day is not enough, as there are so many things to enjoy!


Have your fill of Niigata’s delicious food and drink!

Hegi soba noodles, Koshihikari rice, Mochi-buta pork, Japanese sake, etc. “Gourmet town” Echigo Yuzawa is full of delicious local food. There is also a wide selection of souvenirs.

Three ski resorts linked together with endless opportunities for snow fun!

Magnificent scenery spreads out before you, on one of the world’s largest ropeways

Approximately 10 minutes on foot from Echigo-Yuzawa Station to the ropeway station. The ropeway with a capacity of 166 passengers takes you up to the top, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Echigo Sanzan mountains. Enjoy everything - from fun in the snow to skiing/ snowboarding, and sightseeing in the snowy mountains - to your heart’s content in this silver world. The hot springs town Echigo Yuzawa, which spreads out at the foot of the mountains, is a convenient stay.

湯沢高原 湯沢高原

Direct access from the bullet train. Travel light, you don't need to bring a thing!

At the quickest, you can get to GALA Yuzawa Station from Tokyo Station in 71 minutes. Once you get off the bullet train, and you’re already at the ski resort. You can rent the Salomon’s latest gear at the ski center directly connected to the station, so even if you come here empty-handed with minimal luggage, you can still enjoy winter sports to your heart’s content. There are also swimming pools and hot springs in the ski center.


A wide variety of courses and vast ski slopes including an advanced snow park and gorgeous night skiing

We are happy to offer the abundance of natural snow and the vast, challenging slopes here. In the atmosphere of a legendary ski resort, our facilities include a state-of-the-art combination lift (chairlift and gondola system) and the Resort Center. We also recommend snowy mountain sightseeing on “The Veranda at Ishiuchi”, which has one of the largest observation terraces in the area.

石打円山 石打円山

YUZAWA SNOW LINK Lift Information

YUZAWA SNOW LINK Lift Information

December 22, 2023 - March 24, 2024
*Dates are subject to change.

* During the period of cableway connection, the operation time may be shifted due to weather, snowfall, or other reasons.
* The lift "Buggy," which connects GALA Yuzawa and Ishiuchi Maruyama, and the ropeway "Landau," which connects Yuzawa Kogen and GALA Yuzawa, start operating on 6 January 2024 and 19 January 2024, respectively.
* Please use the shuttle bus or car to move around when the ropeway “Landau” and the lift “Buggy” are not in operation.


The YUZAWA SNOW LINK ski lift pass can be purchased at the ticket counters of each of the ski resorts. Please see individual ski resort information for specific dates and more information.

Type Age
Same-Day Ticket Advanced Online Ticket
1 Day Pass Adult ¥8,000 ¥7,000
Child ¥6,000 ¥5,500
Senior ¥7,000 -
2 Days Pass Adult ¥14,000 ¥12,000
Child ¥10,000 ¥9,000
Senior ¥12,000 -
3 Days Pass
Adult ¥20,000 ¥17,000
Child ¥15,000 ¥13,000
Senior ¥17,000 -

* Child is for elementary school students and younger, and senior is for those 60 years of age and older.
* Pre-school children over 3 years old are charged at the child fare.
* Times and areas of operation may be limited due to weather conditions.
* Senior tickets are not available for online advance purchase.

Special discount lift tickets for ”Sanzan Seiha Day”

The 3rd of every month from January to March is "Sanzan Seiha Day", a special event day when you can purchase a Yuzawa Snow Link 1-day lift ticket at a discounted price. A limited number of 300 tickets will be sold each day, so please purchase your tickets early. For more details, please visit the advance ticket online sales page on this website.

【Available Days】
January 3, February 3, and March 3, 2024

Adult ¥4,000
Child ¥3,000


For an additional 2,500 yen, you can ski in three ski resorts!

Add 2,500 yen to a 1-day lift ticket for Yuzawa Kogen, GALA Yuzawa, or Ishiuchi Maruyama, and you can upgrade to a YUZAWA SNOW LINK 1-day ticket. The additional fee is the same for adults, children, and seniors. If you want to ski at the next ski resort while skiing, you can upgrade your ticket at the following places.

【Ticket Sales Counters】
●Yuzawa Kogen
Ropeway Station (Base)
Panorama Station

●GALA Yuzawa
Connecting Ropeway “Landau”
Connecting Lift “Buggy”
Rest House "Cheers"
Ski Center "Cowabunga"

●Ishiuchi Maruyama
Restaurant "Spur"
Main Entrance "Resort Center"
North Entrance
Hatsukaishi Entrance

Those who upgrade at the ticket counter of each ski resort will receive an original logo sticker!
*Since the quantity is limited, the offer will end as soon as they are gone.

Stay overnight in Ishiuchi area and have a lot of fun!

There are special value packages that include YUZAWA SNOW LINK lift tickets and accommodation in the Ishiuchi area. Ski till night, have lots of fun and enjoy a relaxing time. For more details, contact the tourism association below.


Shuttle Bus Operations Information

We run a shuttle bus whose route links the Echigo-Yuzawa Station and the bus stop in the hot spring town to the three ski resorts; Yuzawa Kogen, GALA Yuzawa and Ishiuchi Maruyama. You can get on and off as many times as you’d like, and a bus comes about every 15 minutes in the morning and evening. It is free throughout the day, so please make use of it.

YUZAWA SNOW LINK Shuttle Bus Operation Period

December 22, 2023 - March 24, 2024
*Dates are subject to change.
*Please use shuttle bus or car to move around when Junction Ropeway “Landau” and Junction Chairlift “Buggy” are not in service.

*This is a free shuttle bus connecting 4 ski resorts: NASPA, Yuzawa Kogen, GALA Yuzawa, and Ishiuchi Maruyama.
*Depending on road and weather conditions, there may be changes in arrival times or routes. We appreciate your understanding.
*When you get on the bus, let the bus driver know your destination.
*From March 25, 2024, there will be only a route between GALA Yuzawa and Ishiuchi Maruyama which will run on a different schedule.